Revelation on God’s miracles and blessings in life

Just wanna share with you what I received from the Lord regarding receiving miracles and blessings from our God.

In Mark 9:21-27, there’s a father who had a demon-possessed son. He approached the disciples to cast out the demon, but they could not. Jesus returned from His transfiguration and told the father that if he could believe, all things are possible. The father told Jesus that he believed but he had doubts. The father was honest with Jesus and told Him that he had doubts. Jesus did not rebuke the father for his doubts, instead, He healed his son.

In Luke 7:11-15, Jesus went to raise a widow’s dead son without her approaching Jesus. In verse 13, it says Jesus saw her and had COMPASSION on her. It was His compassion that cause Him to raise the dead son, not her faith.

In Mat 8:1-3, Mark 1:40-42 & Luke 5:12-13, there’s a leper coming to Jesus for healing. He knew Jesus had the power to heal, but he was not sure if Jesus would be willing to heal him. This is no faith. But did Jesus rebuke the leper and refuse to heal him?

NO! Jesus had compassion on the leper (Mark 1::41) and healed the leper.

In the past I was taught that I needed to have faith for blessings and miracles to happen. After listening to Pastor Prince teaching on God’s grace and goodness, the Holy Spirit revealed many things to me and confirm what Pastor Prince teaching is truly from the Lord Himself.

The faith in the gospel actually refers to Hebrew 11:6. It says that anyone who comes to God must believe that He exists and He rewards those who seek Him diligently. All we need to see is God’s goodness and His love for us. God’s grace is the result of His great love for us.

In John 3:16, it says that God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us, so that we who believe in Jesus shall be saved.

Just like a father who wants the best for his children, and God is our heavenly Father, He is even more loving than any father on earth, so God will surely make sure we will have all the blessings to enjoy life if we invite Him into our lives.

Mat 7:11 says that our heavenly Father who will bless us with good things, especially the good things we ask of Him.

Let’s encourage one another. I believe each one of us has our trials and tribulations. We can share with each other, and keep each other in prayers. I also encourage you to pray for one another in tongues as the Spirit knows how to pray best.

Let’s not worry about growing our faith, because Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). Let’s let Jesus grow our faith in God and never allow anything to trouble our hearts. John 14:1 & John 14:27 state that Jesus does not want our hearts to be troubled. Jesus wants us to rest in Him. Let’s rest in God and believe that He is taking every detail in our lives, and feel the peace in our hearts.

I remember once the Holy Spirit told me to look at the birds in the sky, and I recalled Mat 6:26. The birds never had to work for food, and yet they are fed each day by our Daddy God. Since the birds are taken care of by God, God will take care of us even more, because
we are more precious in His eyes. Amen!

Joshua Gan,
The disciple whom Jesus loves


About mywalkwithjesuschrist

I'm a Singaporean. I'm born in 1980, and accepted Christ in 1996. I backslide for years and now I am back in the Lord as God has called me again. I shall live a life dedicated to Him wholeheartedly and I shall live a prosperous life that God gives.
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