The Purpose Of Kneeling And Prostrating While Praying

I seldom kneel, not even to mention prostrate before God when praying or singing worship songs after I have discovered the grace of God. I felt like I am His beloved son therefore I do not need to do all these to draw close to Him. However the Holy Spirit revealed something to me: kneeling while praying unto God is not begging Him to answer my prayer nor pleading Him against my cause. The Holy Spirit began to show me that those who do not believe in Jesus do bow down before their idols as a form of worship and acknowledge the idols as their gods. So when I kneel and pray unto my Jesus, I am not pleading Him neither am I begging Him to answer me, I am just acknowledging Him as my God, the One and only God.

I shall use bible verses to back what the Holy Spirit revealed unto me. I shall not use Old Testament because it is the old covenant, I shall use New Testament when Jesus appears. In the gospel of Matthew there is a record of falling down (prostrating) and it is a form of worship. It is Matthew 2:11 And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him.

There is another that mentions about falling down at Jesus’ feet and it was Mary who fell at His feet. John 11:32 when Mary came where Jesus was, and saw Him, she fell down at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” Mary did not fall at Jesus’ feet to beg Him to revive his brother Lazarus. There are records of many people falling at Jesus’ feet to beg Him to heal them but not Mary because she recognized who Jesus was.

If you read the earlier verses, you will find that Martha was the first one to meet Jesus but she did not fall at His feet. Martha said the same thing as Mary however she was unable to recognize who Jesus was. After Mary fell at His feet, Jesus also wept when saw her weeping. Mary touched the heart of Jesus by recognizing the deity of Jesus. Some may argue that Jesus wept because He saw Mary wept and she stirred up His emotions. I believe Martha also wept when she met Jesus although it is not recorded. There is no record of Mary weeping expect verse 33 after Mary said the same thing as Martha to Jesus. It is written that Jesus saw Mary weeping and those with her also weeping. It is not written that Mary started to weep when she saw Jesus therefore I believe she had been weeping before she met Jesus.

So I am certain that Martha and Mary were weeping before they saw Jesus and when Jesus met them, they were weeping too. Why did Jesus weep after meeting Mary and not Martha? I believe it is because He saw Mary recognized His deity identity on earth and when she was troubled He was affected by her trouble. This shows that those who recognize Jesus as their God, whatever affects them it will surely affect Jesus greatly.

I discovered something. When Jesus was about to perform a miracle by reviving Lazarus and told them to take away the stone, Martha was the one stopping Jesus. She told Him that there would be a stench. I believe Mary knew that Jesus was about to revive his brother so she did not do anything but just waited for the Lord to perform the miracle for her. This teaches me that whoever does not see Jesus as their God, might not be able to see the miracle Jesus is working in his life and he might hinder the work of miracle. This may be the reason why some miracles are delayed, not because of God but because of our hindrance.

The Holy Spirit also revealed unto me Psalm 46:10. It is written be still, and know that I am God. What does this verse tell me? Psalm 46 begins with saying that God is our strength and refuge, and the whole Psalm is saying that with God we do not need to fear. I believe verse 10 is telling me that at times I need to be still (in original Hebrew it is relax; be relaxed) and know that Jesus is God.

What is God? God is the Creator and Ruler of the whole universe and He is in control of all things. I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to also recognize that Abba Daddy is my God (the source of my everything), Jesus is my Lord and Savior (saves me from every trouble) and the Holy Spirit Himself is my Guidance. In order to make myself remember, I need to kneel before God when praying as a form of acknowledgment and a form of worship unto Him. I do not need to do that every day because I feel the intimacy with Abba Daddy and Jesus my Lord and Brother. I am a father and know how a father feels. A father is happier when his children love to hug him and play with him and behave intimacy with him.

John was the only one who demonstrated this intimacy with Jesus for us to see. The intimacy John had with Jesus allowed him to be used by the Lord at the cross and eventually He used John to live till old age to write the book of Revelation.

I would advise every believer not to kneel or prostrate before Jesus when praying for a miracle because by doing that, this shows that God is not willing to perform a miracle for you. This is a very wrong concept because in Romans 8:32 it is written that Abba Daddy and Jesus would freely give us all things and in 1 Timothy 6:17 it is written that God gives us all things to enjoy. Kneel down or prostrate only when you are worshipping Jesus and acknowledge Him as your One and only God. Develop an intimacy with Jesus your Lord, and you will begin to receive more revelations and understanding like never before.

I pray that this revelation be a blessing to whoever is reading this. Be greatly blessed. Shalom Shalom.

Joshua Gan
God’s beloved whom Jesus loves


About mywalkwithjesuschrist

I'm a Singaporean. I'm born in 1980, and accepted Christ in 1996. I backslide for years and now I am back in the Lord as God has called me again. I shall live a life dedicated to Him wholeheartedly and I shall live a prosperous life that God gives.
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